Affordable Health Insurance For All Americans, Not a Mandate

One of the health insurance proposals circulating in Congress is considering a mandate that all Americans acquire health insurance, without also addressing affordability. Naturally, the “for profit” insurance companies really like this bill. What a disaster that would be!

I’ve written both my representatives in the House and Senate. I am sick and tired of corporations peddling their money and influence on Capitol Hill, particularly the “for profit” health insurance lobby.

If you have an opinion on the matter, then write your congressman and/or woman. The following web pages will help you quickly find the “Contact” link to your representative and senator. My letter is below. Copy and paste, if you like, or write your own.

Subject: Affordable Health Insurance For All Americans, Not a Mandate

Dear ________:

There are a number of proposals circulating in Congress regarding health insurance reform.

One of these bills propose that all Americans be required to have health insurance coverage. Unfortunately, such a mandate, without addressing affordability, is not an acceptable solution!

Private health insurance companies have proven repeatedly that they are beholden to the profit motives of their shareholders, and not to their subscribers. Mandating that all Americans be required to subscribe to private insurance plans only makes the problem terribly worse.

Congress should work on the question of affordability, first and foremost. Quite frankly, if health care coverage were to become affordable, there will be no need to mandate that all Americans have it. Many Americans are uninsured because they (or their employers) cannot afford the coverage available.

I request that you do not vote for any bill that mandates Americans be required to obtain health insurance coverage. Instead, write a bill that makes health insurance affordable and available to all Americans.